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A. S. Sidorenko
V. Boian
E.I. Antropov
Yu. B. Savva
A.A. Lomakin
A.V. Vakhrushev


The work is devoted to the study of the processes of formation and analysis of the parameters of a functional
nanostructure - a superconducting spin valve, which is a multilayer structure consisting of ferromagnetic cobalt nanofilms
separated by niobium superconductor films. The studies were carried out using molecular dynamics simulations and
vacuum deposition of the modelled nanostructures. The atomic structure of individual nanolayers of the system is
considered. Particular attention is paid to the analysis of the atomic structure of the contact regions, since the quality of
the interface between the layers plays a decisive role in creating of a microelectronic devices. The obtained results can be
used both in the development and optimization of technologies for the formation of spin valves and other functional
elements of spintronics.

Published: Nov 9, 2023

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Oral Session H: Superconductivity